The Extranet+Ultra®-Sustained Forum for Franchised Authors, by Daniela BERNDT

Calculation of Membership Fees

How to compute the yearly membership fee to be paid by the franchised author, starting from the conceptual integrity principle which applies to every member of the NetPlusUltra®-sustained franchising system? By simply determining the conceptual breakeven rationale that each individual member should use as a reference.

Let us unfold this demonstration, starting from my article of 2014-07-18 pertaining to the NetPlusUltra®-sustained user experience (1), which translates into 2x4 throughputs of an author's personal and professional life project, resulting in a Netfolio confirming the author's moral eligibility, and a Profolio dedicated to his·her financial self-sustainability: behind every individual NetPlusUltra®-focused project in progress therefore lies a double purpose, which suffices to justify the payment of a salary to the authoring franchisee, considering that the latter is first and foremost the full-time producer of added value along the permanent auditing rationale (which aims at promoting knowledge capitalization against wastage).

Insofar as strategic alignment with the NetPlusUltra®-oriented mission statement presented on my Exterfolio website (2) is provided for by simply adhering to that specific purpose, it is the subsequent conceptual assessment of my financial needs, as the master franchisor, which will serve as the basis for calculating the membership fee. According to that logic, the total amount of funds needed is the result of the addition of my personal and professional costs, which, once divided by the total number of members, will allow me to determine the individual membership fee. After that, automatic adjustment is a simple matter of making sure that the fee decreases as the number of members increases.

In organizational and technical terms, it is the future billing entity known as NetPlusUltra®, currently in development through my "Daniela BERNDT Web Foundation", which will charge and collect the members' contributions so as to constitute the system's working capital, whereby the latter will cover both my salary and the operating budget needed to deploy, maintain, and provide my web incubation services platform.

Considering that integration into my franchising network marks the entry into a cognitive self-empowerment process (in terms of content production), which translates into a long-term engagement, the payment of the membership fee will start on a yearly basis as from the date of your affiliation at level 1, and, after the initial reflection period granted for the submission of your internal user profile, evolve towards further licence levels (or in-forum upgrades), with the big picture corresponding to the various conceptual pricing levels currently in development inside my NetPlusUltra® production environment.

The payment module currently under consideration for my user interface will therefore be an integral component of my Extranet+Ultra® environment (so as to remain invisible to non-prospective members), either at the (IP-protected) front-end level of the RapidWeaver specifications module dedicated to the conclusion of a project-specific pre-contract, or at the (access-restricted) back-end level of my internal WordPress forum directory.

Although I can't tell you more at this early development stage, since my conceptual specifications are designed to be tested, validated and implemented from the inside out, i.e. from inside the NetPlusUltra® contractual franchising framework, I can nevertheless already confirm that since my incubation service already satisfies its own terms of eligibility, billing should be technically enabled to start as from January 2015, on the grounds of the conceptual accounting reports I have been producing since 2006, i.e. during the first nine years of reporting and instruction: indeed, my real financial needs are still far from being recognized at their full legitimate value!

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Further reading
  1. Dashfolio 2014: my article of 2014-07-18;

  2. Exterfolio module: mission statement.