The Extranet+Ultra®-Sustained Forum for Franchised Authors, by Daniela BERNDT

Terms of Use

How do you solve the problem which a massive influx of admissions would generate when you are the author of a web solution that, once operational, is supposed to be accessible by all internet users in general, but none of them in particular? By engineering a conceptual framework which provides for the stepwise access of the general public to that solution. This implies a catalogue of technical specifications which can only be found at a professional web hosting provider. Choosing OVH (1), today the leader in France and Europe, therefore appeared as a matter of legal evidence as early as October 2005, considering that my own terms of use could not contradict those of the provider I needed to be able to rely on, as a Master-Franchisor and Intranet Service Provider, with regard to the technical implications of providing access to my own virtual incubation services.Continue reading

The Subject-Matter-Oriented Approach

This directory, which is almost entirely constituted of weblog pages, could even spare the sitemap (where it not for Search Engine Optimization), as a simple glance at the homepage is all it takes to make sense of the overall website structure. The main navigation sidebar links back to the alpha-thematic indexes 1 to 7, whereas the categories and tags of the blog page provide as many sections and sub-sections as a subject-matter-related users' guide.Continue reading

Registration of New Members

Your member profile (1) represents the visible declarative part of the user account I will create for you on my internal WordPress forum after validation of your pre-affiliation form. It holds whatever is necessary and sufficient to identify you as a duly registered member, while at the same time sparing me as many subsequent profile updates:

  • In the title, your full name and profession;
  • A permalink to display and bookmark the same full name in any browser's link bar;
  • In the body of the post itself, an ID picture of you, so as to avoid homonymic confusion;
  • Together with a series of tags providing for flawless authentication.
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Breakdown of Indexed Data

The four tags included in the present external preview of my NetPlusUltra® membership directory enable to break down the data related to the entries of the main indexes into as many subject-matter-related sub-directories of reference, and if necessary, to proceed to further verifications pertaining to the regularity of individual registrations:Continue reading

System Diagnostics

In the same way as user authentication will be a simple matter of creating one’s own unique NetPlusUltra® user ID, upon successful completion of specifications phase 2/3, the contractually binding configuration statement to be submitted by each prospective member will be automatically generated during the registration process - as the latter will include an initial security audit (or system diagnosis) - and from there on, updated in real time.Continue reading