The Extranet+Ultra®-Sustained Forum for Franchised Authors, by Daniela BERNDT

The Web Concept-focused Mission Statement

Considering that the intermediary ".net" stage is when the pre-franchised author must be self-empowered to manage his own rise in power, i.e. enabled to integrate other pre-affiliated partners into his project, the "NetPlusUltra® framework" must provide the conceptual means to this end, by dedicating the overall forum experience to this critical transition from the author's individual ".info" dimension to the accomplishment of the projected ".org" endeavor.Continue reading

Terms of Use

How do you solve the problem which a massive influx of admissions would generate when you are the author of a web solution that, once operational, is supposed to be accessible by all internet users in general, but none of them in particular? By engineering a conceptual framework which provides for the stepwise access of the general public to that solution. This implies a catalogue of technical specifications which can only be found at a professional web hosting provider. Choosing OVH (1), today the leader in France and Europe, therefore appeared as a matter of legal evidence as early as October 2005, considering that my own terms of use could not contradict those of the provider I needed to be able to rely on, as a Master-Franchisor and Intranet Service Provider, with regard to the technical implications of providing access to my own virtual incubation services.Continue reading

The Subject-Matter-Oriented Approach

This directory, which is almost entirely constituted of weblog pages, could even spare the sitemap (where it not for Search Engine Optimization), as a simple glance at the homepage is all it takes to make sense of the overall website structure. The main navigation sidebar links back to the alpha-thematic indexes 1 to 7, whereas the categories and tags of the blog page provide as many sections and sub-sections as a subject-matter-related users' guide.Continue reading

Registration of New Members

Your member profile (1) represents the visible declarative part of the user account I will create for you on my internal WordPress forum after validation of your pre-affiliation form. It holds whatever is necessary and sufficient to identify you as a duly registered member, while at the same time sparing me as many subsequent profile updates:

  • In the title, your full name and profession;
  • A permalink to display and bookmark the same full name in any browser's link bar;
  • In the body of the post itself, an ID picture of you, so as to avoid homonymic confusion;
  • Together with a series of tags providing for flawless authentication.
Continue reading

Alphabetical Index of Occupations

Insofar as my NetPlusUltra® formula is the key to shifting all kinds of paradigms upwards, the immediate effect thereof, as soon as it is properly applied to a specific problem, if only by thought, is to sustain a constant and smooth redefinition of all existing perimeters pertaining to the subject matter at hand, along a permanent auditing rationale. It is about empowering oneself to accompany change at large.Continue reading

Breakdown of Indexed Data

The four tags included in the present external preview of my NetPlusUltra® membership directory enable to break down the data related to the entries of the main indexes into as many subject-matter-related sub-directories of reference, and if necessary, to proceed to further verifications pertaining to the regularity of individual registrations:Continue reading

Calculation of Membership Fees

How to compute the yearly membership fee to be paid by the franchised author, starting from the conceptual integrity principle which applies to every member of the NetPlusUltra®-sustained franchising system? By simply determining the conceptual breakeven rationale that each individual member should use as a reference.Continue reading

System Diagnostics

In the same way as user authentication will be a simple matter of creating one’s own unique NetPlusUltra® user ID, upon successful completion of specifications phase 2/3, the contractually binding configuration statement to be submitted by each prospective member will be automatically generated during the registration process - as the latter will include an initial security audit (or system diagnosis) - and from there on, updated in real time.Continue reading

Content Updates

Two types of update notifications related to the contents of the present specifications module are to be expected: the first type covers the articles of this introductory readers' guide, whereas the second concerns the integration of new members into the present subject matter indexes, which will be announced starting from the 30th registration, as far as the present showcase module is concerned.Continue reading