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Content Updates

Two types of update notifications related to the contents of the present specifications module are to be expected: the first type covers the articles of this introductory readers' guide, whereas the second concerns the integration of new members into the present subject matter indexes, which will be announced starting from the 30th registration, as far as the present showcase module is concerned.

While the first type of update notifications will be announced in the corresponding "Weblog" category of my Dashfolio 2014 (1), the second type will remain reserved for pre-franchised members admitted into my internal WordPress forum directory, whereas the general audience of internet users will be enabled to follow through by simply connecting to the present specifications preview.

All of this conceptually resolves the weblogging dilemma which I introduced on 2013-03-28 on my Lifefolio module (2): the RSS newsfeeds provided through my Dashfolio are the virtual equivalents of a paper catalogue of general information about products and services designed for a broad audience of prospective clients (every internet user in general, and none of them in particular), whereas the access to the provider's knowledge base remains reserved for visitors converted into franchised clients, who, as such, generate added value in the general interest of the members of the franchising network (3).

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Further reading
  1. Dashfolio 2014: "Dot-eu" category of the weblog;

  2. "Web project" section of my Lifefolio: article of 2013-03-28;

  3. "Web project" section of my Lifefolio: inaugural article of 2013-03-18.