The Extranet+Ultra®-Sustained Forum for Franchised Authors, by Daniela BERNDT

Historical Retro-Prospectives

Welcome to version 3.0/2020 of this .eu-hosted web construction panel, whose remastering should be reconsidered against the background of the initial audit in 2014 (1) of the user experience in the general internetwork (i.e. forum) environment.

The networking issue as it presented itself back then implied to draw up a prior inventory of all variables to be secured as part of the creation of a network dedicated to a specific concept solution such as NetPlusUltra® (2), considered as a future master franchising web service for the securement of societal R&D.

The present version 3.0/2020 enriches the previous with a Slidefolio page (3) containing a slideshow library of reference works which have brought plenty of food for thought into the perlaboration of my concept solution since I entered senior high school in September 1989, for a first year of economic and social orientation (4).

…Use it together, use it in peace…

Daniela BERNDT

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  3. (see the iFrame-based preview below)