The Extranet+Ultra®-Sustained Forum for Franchised Authors, by Daniela BERNDT

The Web Concept-focused Mission Statement

Considering that the intermediary ".net" stage is when the pre-franchised author must be self-empowered to manage his own rise in power, i.e. enabled to integrate other pre-affiliated partners into his project, the "NetPlusUltra® framework" must provide the conceptual means to this end, by dedicating the overall forum experience to this critical transition from the author's individual ".info" dimension to the accomplishment of the projected ".org" endeavor.

This is where my own NetPlusUltra® mission statement comes into use, since the future members of my network in progress must be provided with a vision founded on concrete past, present and future events if they are supposed to coordinate their action plans towards added value. With this in mind, I can only advise you at this stage to revisit the abovementioned Exterfolio module pertaining to the user experience at network level (1), which should be reconsidered with special prescription glasses, i.e. from the dedicated forum perspective (2).

Why choose the ".eu" extension (3)? Because after my recent SSL checkpoint (4) on the interpretation of safety standards, it appeared pertinent to remind the visitor, in the form of an extension that will stay in front of his eyes throughout his consultation, that the NetPlusUltra® experience is best apprehended under conditions of immersion in the environment of European law (5), since it is the European Code of Intellectual Property (6) that my formula translates into something intelligible, i.e. applicable (7).

To complete this introduction before gearing forward to further admission prerequisites, I would also like to remind you that this alpha-thematic directory is the visible (front-end) part of the internal (back-end) WordPress module to which my pre-affiliation contract form (8) provides access. If you are not yet familiar with the WordPress technology, I encourage you to visit the official website of the OVH-based version which I am using (9), and, why not, to adopt it to create your own starter Infolio, as a prospective member of the NetPlusUltra® forum for web authors.

Daniela BERNDT

French / German

Article (-1) / Article (+1)

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