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Alphabetical Index of Occupations

Insofar as my NetPlusUltra® formula is the key to shifting all kinds of paradigms upwards, the immediate effect thereof, as soon as it is properly applied to a specific problem, if only by thought, is to sustain a constant and smooth redefinition of all existing perimeters pertaining to the subject matter at hand, along a permanent auditing rationale. It is about empowering oneself to accompany change at large.

Becoming a pre-franchised member will you gear into the process piloting dynamics of matrix project management, and require you to start with straightening things out, all the more so if you exercise a classical dys·function.

The registration of your profile into a specific thematic index can be subject to further counseling during pre-affiliation. Until this directory fills itself up with concrete showcases, let me guide you with the following additional resources on the kind of professions associated with each area of expertise (help yourself by sorting things out with the French and German versions thereof):

Directory 1: health and soci(et)al concerns:
  • Agriculture, food, and natural resources

  • Health science

  • Human services

Directory 2: legal concerns:
  • Government and public administration

  • Law, public safety, corrections and security

Directory 3: economic concerns:
  • Business management and administration

  • Banking, finance, insurance

Directory 4: organizational concerns:
  • Architecture and construction

  • Audiovisual technology and communications

  • Education and training

  • Information technology

  • Manufacturing

  • Marketing, sales and service

  • Transportation, distribution and logistics

Directory 5: inter·cultural concerns:
  • Hospitality and tourism

  • International trade

Directory 6: artistic concerns:
  • Arts (& audiovisual technology and communications)

Directory 7: scientific concerns:
  • Research: science, technology, engineering and mathematics

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