The Extranet+Ultra®-Sustained Forum for Franchised Authors, by Daniela BERNDT

Registration of New Members

Your member profile (1) represents the visible declarative part of the user account I will create for you on my internal WordPress forum after validation of your pre-affiliation form. It holds whatever is necessary and sufficient to identify you as a duly registered member, while at the same time sparing me as many subsequent profile updates:

  • In the title, your full name and profession;
  • A permalink to display and bookmark the same full name in any browser's link bar;
  • In the body of the post itself, an ID picture of you, so as to avoid homonymic confusion;
  • Together with a series of tags providing for flawless authentication.
As the administrator of the WordPress forum directory for pre-registered members, I will first register you as a contributor (2), in order to let you take some time to explore the internal rules of procedure and to set up your profile. Then, in a second step, i.e. as soon as you declare yourself ready, I will validate your self-presentation, take your questions, and finally empower your profile with authoring privileges, which will enable you to manage and publish your articles by yourself; whereby only pre-affiliate members will be able to consult your publications.

The purpose of this new directory preview in two parts (visible and hidden), which I first introduced in January 2014 on my Intrafolio website (3), is to optimize our respective user experiences, with a view to solving the forum issue which I raised in the corresponding Weblog section of my Dashfolio 2014 (4): by granting you more editing privileges for the maintenance of your profile sheet, I save time while you gain in autonomy.

Upon successful completion of publication phase 2/3 (i.e. after the effective assembly of all conceptual building blocks developed during instruction phase 1/3), the admission process will be a simple matter of creating an unique NetPlusUltra® user ID through the network's registration portal.

Daniela BERNDT

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Further reading
  1. The member's profile page;

  2. WordPress codex: user statuses;

  3. Intrafolio module: "Directory" page;

  4. Dashfolio 2014: "Forum" tag of the weblog.