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The Subject-Matter-Oriented Approach

This directory, which is almost entirely constituted of weblog pages, could even spare the sitemap (where it not for Search Engine Optimization), as a simple glance at the homepage is all it takes to make sense of the overall website structure. The main navigation sidebar links back to the alpha-thematic indexes 1 to 7, whereas the categories and tags of the blog page provide as many sections and sub-sections as a subject-matter-related users' guide.

Of all generic approaches of my concept solution to which my ExtraNetPlusUltra® in development is dedicated, it is the subject matter matrix that I have chosen to showcase through the websites of my Webfolio, for ominous reasons of systemic consistency and self-explainability. As you know, the underlying spectrum of themes defining the NetPlusUltra® experience, which I first introduced on my Lifefolio module pertaining to the genesis of my incubation formula for self-authoring internet users, is being further developed on my Exterfolio module dedicated to the network's mission statement, whereas the purpose of the present specifications website is to provide a preview of the corresponding meta-directories.

This approach enables me to present the NetPlusUltra® problem-solving principle in a way that lays the groundwork for the future deployment of concept compliant dashboards by pre-registered members, with a view to synchronizing their efforts and to promoting the conceptual emergence of a genuine collective intelligence. Before we take a closer look at each of these subject matter areas, as presented on the following pages, let us go back to the successive steps of a conceptually virtuous cycle, as they will have to be taken inside the web-franchising system, of which the present membership directory preview provides the visible specifications.

According to the network's terms of use, each new project first undergoes a general potential assessment (1), which, if the latter proves conclusive in terms of conceptual compliancy, will confirm both the legitimacy and eligibility of the solution at hand (2). It is only if this double ".info" condition is satisfied that the project-initiating pre-franchised author can be considered as fundable (3). Once admitted to the ".net" level, it will be the author's further responsibility, first, to prepare the validation of the conceptual specifications pertaining to the effective implementation of his·her solution (4, 5), and second - in order to be granted the NetPlusUltra® label which will make his·her ".org" an invoicing entity - to publish the required double proof of conceptual integrity and sustainability, based on which the franchising system will be enabled to verify and confirm that the newly integrated service is operational (6, 7).

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